Free Software movement Karnataka (FSMK) is organizing a 5 day Industry Orientation workshop on preparing students on Free Software technologies for the industry. Currently, industry is actively adopting free software to reduce the cost and have much more freedom to modify the software to suit their needs. This has resulted in industry's growing need of software professionals with expertise in free software technologies. This workshop is to ensure that students are trained on various free software technologies so that they are better prepared for the industry. The workshop will be a hands-on workshop where students will gain knowledge on various technologies like Java, Python, Networking in Linux, Web Programming. The sessions will be conducted by industry professionals with vast amount of work experience. At the end of the workshop, students will be equipped with knowledge of free software in various domains so that they can choose whichever domain they are interested in and start working on it right during their college days.

Free Software Technology details:

The tentative schedule for the workshop is as follows:

Topics for each day:

Day 1: Making friendship with Linux Command line

Day 2: Networking in Linux

Day 3: Java

Day 4: Python

Day 5: Web programming in Linux/Apache/Mysql/PHP (LAMP)

Apart from this each day will have a session by Industry person with focus on how and why free software technologies are being encouraged in the industry. Each day will also have a session on how students can contribute code to Free Software projects during the college days itself. This tentative schedule has been arrived based on the inputs from students and academicians from various colleges.

Workshop logistics details: 

Number of days of workshop: 5 daysDate: 19th Jan to 23rd JanType of workshop: Residential We have decided to limit the number of participants to 200 for this workshop. The workshop will have both theory and lab classes with more focus on hands-on. The winter workshop will be a 5 day residential workshop which tentatively planned from 19th to 23rd Jan taking VTU and other universities timeline into consideration. Accommodations for 5 days and food for the respective days will be provided to the students as part of the workshop and will be included in the registration. 

Registration Fee: Rs. 1500/- 

Registration will include:

• Accommodations for all 5 days

• Breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner for all 5 days

• Workshop Kit

• Presentations and study materials discussed during the workshop

• Customized Ubuntu 12.10 DVD with all necessary software packages.

• T Shirt of the workshop 

Students who will be attending all 5 days would also be given a participation certificate duly signed by FSMK.

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