FSMK Summer Camp SyllabusEdit

Syllabus plan for each main topic:

Introduction to command line and GNU/Linux environment(6 hours)Edit

  • ·         (Theory) Using Ubuntu(Should cover free software alternatives in Ubuntu, software installation, Basic networking management) (1 hour)
  • ·         (Theory) Introduction to Command line (Cover basic commands, vi editor and file system environment some amount of hands-on) (1.5 hours)
  • ·         (Hands-on) Practice commands, software installation, vi editors, basic shell scripts (2.5 hours)

Java SessionEdit

  • Concepts of Java (30 mins)
    • JDK and JRE
    • Bytecode
    • Compilation and running a java class
    • Basic syntax difference between Java and C++
    • Code structure, mainly packages, classes.
  • Using Eclipse(30 mins)
    • Creating projects, classes, packages
    • Compilation and running a java class/application in eclipse
  • OOPS in Java(30 mins)
    • Basic examples of class and objects
    • Difference in concepts of OOPS in C++ and Java
    • Inheritance (extends and implements)
  • Lab (hands-on) (105 mins)
    • Implementation of basic project like Geometry Library to calculate area/perimeter of different  shapes or Zoo maintenance managing different kind of animals, their food and their time to visit the  zoo doctor or Employee pay roll database managing tax deductions and variable bonuses.
  • Swings(Hands-on)
    • Simple Frame creation
    • Buttons and onClickListeners (Mainly we want to concentrate on 'onClickListeners' so that it can help in Android)
    • Simple/compound interest calculator.

Web Portal development using DrupalEdit

Day 1Edit

  • ·         (Hands-on) Mozilla Webmaker Party (6 hours)

Detailed contents to be updated after talking to Mozilla Team

Day 2Edit

  • ·         (Theory) Introduction to Drupal (1 hour)
  • ·         (Theory) Installation/Understanding structure/themes/ creating contents (1 hours)
  • ·         (Hands-on) Developing your own Portal using Drupal

Desktop Application development using Python/QtEdit

Day 1Edit

  • ·         (Theory) Basics of Python(1 hour)
  • ·         (Theory) OOPS in Python(1 hour)
  • ·         (Hands-on) Programming in python (4 hours)

Day 2

  •          (Theory) Introduction to Qt (1 hour)
  • ·         (Theory) Understanding py/Qt module (1 hour)
  • ·         (Hands-on) Developing Your first Application using Py/Qt (4 hours)

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