ToDo List for Summer Camp

Refined ToDo List

Technical ContentEdit

Volunteers Assigned : Aruna, Nitesh, Harshitha

Website/Online RegistrationEdit

Volunteers Assigned :Pallavi , Rakesh

Online CampaigningEdit

Volunteers Assigned : Rohit

  • Facebook Event
  • Regular mails to fsmk-discuss and Summer Camp mailing lists
  • G+/FB/ mails campaign in various college groups

Colleges Offline CampaigningEdit

Volunteers Assigned : Rahul,Akram,Rakesh,Santosh

  • Distributing Posters/pamphlets
  • Run-up events in various colleges
  • Regular GLUG follow up
  • Class to class campaigning
  • Coordination with offline registration team

Fun ActivitiesEdit

Volunteers Assigned : Manasa, Anusha

  • Lunch time activity
  • Movie Screening
  • Early Morning Games/Exercises
  • Evening/Night activities
  • Mock Parliament


Volunteers Assigned : HaiPrasad,Gowri, Anitha

  • OS Installation
  • Software Installation/Check
  • Moodle Installation
  • Local Content Hosting
  • Apt-cache setup

Workshop Kit PreparationEdit

Volunteers Assigned : Rahul,SJBIT, Nitish, Atria

Offline Registration TeamEdit

Volunteers Assigned : Same as Offline Campaign Team

  • Collecting Registration Fees/giving reciepts
  • Getting Travel plans
  • Updating site of fees collected
  • Correcting details of participants

Poster/Campaign ContentEdit

Volunteers Assigned : Rahul, Yashwant, Ashfaq

  • Preparing Main Workshop Poster to be sent to colleges. Summer Camp Posters
  • Preparing online video/posters/Content to share online
  • Preparing runup events posters
  • Prepare Brouchure for Sponsorship
  • Banner Preparation


Volunteers Assigned :

  • Bed Booking Rakesh has done it. Need to take care of transportation from Mandya.
  • Room Details
  • Bathroom Availability


Volunteers Assigned : Sanotsh,Shashank

  • Getting content for sponsorship
  • Coming up with list of tentative sponsorers
  • Plan to approach sponsors


Volunteers Assigned :

  • Exact place to serve food
  • How to organize breakfast/lunch/Snacks/Dinner
  • Coupon/Non-Coupon based system
  • Timings
  • Exact Menu for 9 days
  • Capacity for 200 people


Volunteers Assigned :

  • Finalizing speakers and their schedule
  • Giving details of speaker transportation to Transport Team
  • Sharing exercies with speakers
  • Sharing syllabus with speakers and getting their presentations beforehand


Volunteers Assigned :

  • Finalizing Venue Details
  • Submitting point by point proposal


Volunteers Assigned :

  • Arranging car and driver for 9 days for both venues
  • Getting Speaker details
  • Coordinating with speaker about location
  • Coordingating with students on arrival and their travel details

Seminar HallsEdit

Volunteers Assigned :

  • Checking Capacity
  • Seating arrangement
  • Mike and sound arrangement
  • Projector Arrangement
  • Assisting speakers during sessions

Opening/Closing CeremonyEdit

Volunteers Assigned : Vamshi

  • Finalizing Guests
  • Finding MC for ceremony
  • Finalizing schedule for Opening/Closing ceremony
  • Arranging Stage
  • Coordinating for Guests Travel plans
  • Coordinating with Venue team for Guests from college

Coordination TeamEdit

Volunteers Assigned :

  • Coordinate between various teams
  • Ensure complete timelines/deadlines are met
  • Call for volunteers meet
  • Call for IRC meets


Volunteers Assigned :

  • Stall on Scientific thinking by BGVS
  • Stall on Community Center
  • GNU/Linux Distro Installation Stall
  • Books Stall
  • Localization Stall


Volunteers Assigned :

  • Daily Activities Reporting
  • Photos Uploading

Video Recording???Edit

Volunteers Assigned :

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