Summer Camp 2015Edit

FSMK's organizational goals Edit

  • Reach out to more colleges
  • Strengthen existing FSMK GLUGs and higher units
  • Build committed free software evangelists/activists
  • Transform from quantity to quality
  • Prepare potential delegates for All India Conference
  • Build strong leaders among the community

Camp Slogan Edit

  • Striving towards the highest form of quality - Humanity!
  • Hacking together a new society

Logistics Edit

  • Tentative Date : July
  • Targeted audience : Engineering students; hardware track 30; each software track 50;
  • Duration : 7 Days
  • Three parallel tracks - one for hardware and two for software
  • Mode of camp : Residential
  • Tentative Venue : DSCE

Technologies to focus Edit

  • Free Software Stream: mobile apps and networking
  • Free Hardware Theme-Topics will be discussed

Registration Edit

  • Mode of registration : Both online and offline.
  • Preference for second year students.
  • Strictly 50% or more participation for girl students.
  • GLUG wise quota can be decided post discussion
  • Concessions will be provided for students from economically backward background based on commitment to GLUG activities

Volunteers Edit

  • Need to register in advance
  • Preference for students who are good at technologies and with prior experience of attending any FSMK camp
  • Need to participate in pre-camp training

Execution Plan Edit

Campaign Edit

  • GLUGs to conduct introductory sessions for all newbies. This would include installation, GNU/Linux tools, basic operations, etc
  • Series of workshops / talks to be conducted across colleges part of camp promotion in the month of April, May , June prior to the registration open
  • Online campaign-new website , new facebook page, hashtag #FSMKSC15
  • Membership drive should be simultaneously completed. Target should be around 5000 members
  • Sponsorship based on guidelines decided for last summer camp



  • investment on hardware
  • intense training for volunteers
  • focus on technology?
  • list of components need to be made based on projects
  • either participants can purchase components or fsmk can purchase in bulk. Students need to indicate in advance
  • at least 10 volunteers are needed

Number of days of campEdit

  • Reduce syllabus, increase number of days
  • productive volunteers needed for all days
  • rotation of volunteers could be done
  • pre-camp training should be made compulsory for GLUGs
  • volunteers pay fees which can be refunded if they attend all days?
  • GLUGs to provide dedicated volunteers
  • consensus is at 7 days camp with 4 days syllabus, breathing space during the camp and 1 day for leadership workshop


  • Stalls for startups
  • theme: net neutrality


  • Sponsorship: Vikram and Jaykumar
  • Hospitality
  • Registration: Rakesh, Shijil and vikram
  • Volunteers: Rakesh and Shijil
  • Food
  • Reach out activities:
  • In-camp activities
  • Content and pedagogy: Sarath, Shashank and Vikram
  • Technical: Sarath, Shashank and Vignesh
  • hardware training: Hackie Verma and Abhishek
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