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Duration Edit

9 days

This includes 2 weekends and 5 weekdays.


VTU Examination Time Table has been published. The last examination date seems to be July 12. So any dates between July 13 and July 30 seems fine. That leaves only two options:

  • July 13 - 21
  • July 20 - 28


We will conduct the camp simultaneously across multiple venues. Depending on the capacities of the venues we may need 2 to 3 venues. Preferably close to each other.

Current Options:

  1. RNSIT, JSS, SJBIT (Uttarahalli Road)
  2. JVIT, Bidadi


We need to give due importance to free software philosophy also this time. This is the only the movement angle of FSMK can be established among participants. We need to come up with innovative ways to do this without boring the participants.

The bulk of the camp will be the workshops, as usual. For details, Summer Camp Workshop Content.


  • Hackathon 
  • Short Film making
  • Localization
  • Sports / Gaming
  • Movie Screenings
  • Group Discussions / Debates
  • Interview Skills?? 
  • Debian Packaging


Target: 400 students from across the state.


We have to approach various colleges to seek support financially or in material or any other useful form to fund the event. At least two teams comprising of Executive committee and General Body members should be formed to approach as many avenues as possible.

Software companies should be approached to sponsor the event as well as support by providing resource persons to facilitate the workshops.

Student OrganizersEdit

The role played by organizers was phenomenal during the Winter Camp 13. This has to upgrade phenomenally for the Summer Camp.. Most of the participants of the Winter Camp should be brought in to take up the role of volunteers / organizers.

A great deal of focus and expectation is upon the student volunteers to successfully conduct the Summer Camp. To this effect, the following are proposed:

  • Strengthening the understanding of Free Software philosophy to be able to contribute to and lead the movement more effectively
  • Improve leadership and communciation skills
  • Identification and training of students in the camp's techincal topics

Resource PersonsEdit

We'll need lots of resource persons, to the tune of 3-6 per topic.

Discussion PointsEdit

  • Can we do longer than 9 days?
  • Potential options for venues.

Task ListEdit

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