Hands on Project During Summer CampEdit

Sicne we plan to have 2 days dedicated to develop project on what was thought during the summer camp, this page is to list ideas on what can be developed as a project for each of the area.

Free Software Forum:Edit

This project aims to bring together Android, Py/Qt and Drupal together to ensure that students are able to relate to each of the technology that they have learnt during the 7 days of the camp.

Students are divided in groups of 6 students where 2 students in each group will each work on Android, Py/Qt and Drupal parts of the project simultaneously.

Over all the project is to come up with an online forum using Drupal where students can register and based on their college and their activity, colleges and students will be ranked on weekly basis. We can consider it as a very basic version of stack overflow. All the students will also have option to login from an android app or a desktop app.

From Drupal side:

A forum should be hosted. The forum will also have topics based on different technologies. Students should be able to ask questions and answer in each thread. Only selected students should be allowed to start a new thread. Each post in thread can have tags. Students should be rated based on their participation in different threads and other students should be able to vote the post.

From the Android side and Desktop side:

Students should be able to login to the forum from the desktop application or the mobile app. They should be able to view different threads. They should also be able to answer/vote to different threads from the app. They should also be able to start new threads from the app.

Users without logging in either on web/desktop/Mobile should still be able to view the content but shouldn’t be allowed to post or rate the existing posts.

From FSMK side, we need to ensure that camp volunteers should work with resource persons and develop this project as they will have to help the participants during the camp. Also we need to ensure that detailed explanation is provided with the project report.

Future ideas to extend should also be mentioned so that if students are interested they can venture to extend the project during the two days hackathon.

Future plans:

To see if users is not online on desktop/mobile, still be able to see some cached content.

Users can easily add/share links in post

Users are able to store some data for offline user or email them the content of the forum.

Users in the forum should be able to fork a new thread from an existing thread.


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