Action Points
Action Point Owner(s) Deadline Status
Preparing the list of potential candidates for participation Vignesh, Raghavendra, Prabodh, Naveen, Raghuram 12 June Pending
Preparing schedule for the 4 days of the camp Sarath, Vignesh, Raghavendra, Prabodh 11 June Pending

Criteria for participation:Edit

  1. Has been actively working for Free Software in college / FSMK.
  2. Had once been active in Free Software Movement.
  3. Had expressed interest in working for the movement.
  4. Has been identified as a potential candidate to work for the movement.


  • Non-Technical sessions:
    • Free software philosophy - FREEDOM
    • GLUGs, talks, events - TALKS
    • FSMK, FSMI, organization, planning
  • Techincal sessions(Need to add more topics and then choose which will be best):
    • Customizing distro.
    • Free Software game engines and game development
    • Hacking wi-fi using backtrack
    • Image Processing using OpenCV
  • Documentary/Screening:
    • Revolution OS
  • Activities:
    • Screen recording tutorials
    • Localization
    • Posters designing using GIMP/Inkscape
  • Ted Talks:
    • Evolution of societies - free flow of culture
    • Information Freedom - rights, limitations and means

Students List:

Please add the names of the students whom you think are suitable for this workshop.

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