Computer Community Center SyllabusEdit

Fundamentals and Operating System SkillsEdit

  1. Identify the hardware parts like monitor, cpu, keyboard, mouse, cddrive, motherboard, harddisk, etc., and on/off the computer properly.
  2. Well knowing about memory (bits,bytes,kb,mb,gp) and calculation and conversion like kilobyte into gigabyte, gigabyte into megabyte, etc. find the filesize, filetype, etc.
  3. Working with files and folders (create folders, coping files into different locations, moving files and folders, deleting files and folders) using desktop.
  4. Use calculator, texteditor, paint.
  5. Search the files and folders in all partitions using various options (ie. Filename option , “specific extension”  option, “containing data” Option).
  6. Set desktop background and screensaver, Using my computer and my document folder.y document folder

Word processor SkillsEdit

  1. Document handling – Create,Open,Save,Save as a document.
  2. Create and using Templets.
  3. Editing document – cut, copy, paste, Goto, find and replace
  4. Print document – page setup, margins, orientation, header and footer, page no, print preview and print a document.
  5. Formatting - Font format ( name, size, style,etc.), alignment(left, right, center, justify), line space ( single, double, 1.5), Change case ( upper, lower, sentence, title, toggle)
  6. Inserting objects – symbols, date and time, pictures, wordart, drawing objects, autoshapes, bullets, numbering
  7. Table – Insert, delete rows and columns, Auto table format, Split and merge cells, Alignment text, ordering data in a table.

Spreadsheet SkillsEdit

  1. Identifying workbook,worksheet,row,column and cell address.
  2. Entering Data – Cell merge and alignment
  3. Sorting Data – order(ascent,decent), filter, auto filter tools,
  4. Analyzing Data – Functions (Math,logical,text functions)
  5. Displaying Data – Selecting graphs, labels, titles, colors
  6. Options – Fill, Autosum, Conditional formatting, cell format, Custom List

Presentation SkillsEdit

  1. Create and Format presentation (Adding Text, Grouping Objects, Insert Picture from file, Clip Art, backgrounds, layouts, templets)
  2. Add graphics and animation ( sound, animation and slide transitions)
  3. Save, Hide, Run and Print presentations.

Internet SkillsEdit

  1. Basics of computer networking, How networking works, IP Addresses, Broadband, wireless, different protocols.
  2. Basics of Internet - Website, DNS, Client-Server Architecture
  3. Search Engine, DuckDuckGo, wikipedia,
  4. Email - Gmail, how it works, alternatives, Risks and caution while using emails.
  5. Blog - wordpress
  6. Online services -  Youtube, FB, Picasa, torrents, chatting,
  7. Other utilities of internet - Online Banking, Train/Bus ticket booking, Ration Card/Voter's ID Card application, Exam Results, Phone Recharge.
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